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The foundation of Canon Law consists of three basic elements:

  • It is based on natural law, that is the law written by God in each man's heart (Rom 2:14,15). This is based on the nature of things as God created them and is self-evident; known by our conscience and use of reason.
  • It is based on Divine Constitutions given to us directly by God in His Revelation through Sacred Scripture and Tradition, culminating in Christ's instruction to His Church.
  • It is based on human or positive law and has been influenced by elements of Roman and modern law.


The Church gains her authority to legislate from Christ Himself (Matt. 16: 18,19). Although the Church has legislated from the beginning, Canon Law has undergone considerable development. It began informally as a  collection of documents from ecumenical councils, as well as episcopal and papal directives. The structure of Canon Law in the Latin Church evolved until its codification in a Code of Canon Law, ordered by Pope St. Pius X and promulgated by Pope Benedict XV in 1917.
The Code of Canon Law underwent extensive revision in the aftermath of Vatican Council II, the new Code being promulgated by Pope St. John Paul II in 1983 to bring Canon Law in line with the new ecclesiology of Vatican II. The hallmark of the 1917 Code was its clarity, conviction, and sense of permanence. As the Apostolic Constitution of John Paul II introducing the new Code, Sacrae Disciplinae Leges, states: "[W]hat constitutes the newness of the Second Vatican Council . . . constitutes likewise the newness of the new Code."

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This is the Pontifical Institute in Rome at which Dr. O'Donnell received her doctorate (JCD). For Canon Law Curriculum of Study, go to Antonianum website and click on "Diritto Canonico" from the menu. An English description of the course of study appears on the right.

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